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In Our Kitchen...

At En Bon Hospitality we love to help chefs and chef enthusiasts learn and grow. We strive to educate those about our Japanese culture and Kitchen Life.

William J. Foley

Chef William is a master of menu development, creating custom culinary experiences and recipes that are alive with color and flavor. His passion for food is unrivaled. For years Chef William has played a significant role in guiding the vision and brand of En Bon Hospitality. 


His personable skills match his culinary talents and takes time to be out at an event ensuring guest satisfaction from plate presentation to the last bite of food. A community contributor, you'll often find Chef William at local events like Opening of the Bay or Connecting the Dots with other industry experts. He has a passion for non-profit work and can be counted on to help raise funds for several worthy causes that are near and dear to his heart.

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